What's the deal?

In the past little while I've been using Firefox, Safari, and Flock (and i guess occasionally Internet Explorer, but not on my laptop, and not because I wanted to).

I switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox quite some time ago when I still used the "family computer." We were using Firefox at work and anything beats IE, so I downloaded and started using it. Plus it has tabs, which makes it super awesome. (I think IE has tabs now too...but this was before that ever happened.)

When I got my laptop I tried Safari out for a few days but decided to just stick with Firefox since I knew how to use it already.

Flock has media advantages that originally interested me, but after using it for awhile I don't think they're as advantageous as I originally thought (especially since I now have a flickr uploader app for iphoto).

Today I was looking at the pictures I had posted (below) and realized that they looked pretty dull. So I pulled up the site in Firefox and Safari to see how they would compare. Firefox was still dull, but not as much as in Flock. Only in Safari did the pictures look like they should. So I'm wondering why this is...I'm sure I could do a little research, but I don't really feel like it.

So...just so you know, unless you are using Safari, you need to imagine all of these pictures in more vibrant colors. I personally can't do this..so I'm using Safari from now on.


The bros, carrie, and i just went swimming! Super fun stuff.

*edit: here are some pictures from last night*

Gross. Don't you know what's in that water?

I wish this was my picture, but Drey took it of himself...I at least did the photoshop on it...
I wish i could put a title on posts from my phone. And i also wish i could write more than 3 sentences. I tried to send a picture but it wouldn't work either.
Be grateful and flexible. It makes life easier to handle.
I'm posting this from my phone but it won't let me use more than 160 characters. Lame.