This picture amuses me greatly:



I debated whether to add pictures to the cell phone posts that they belong to or to just add them all in one post, and I decided to just do some of both. So go ahead and scroll down and stop at the posts with pictures, because they're the ones that've been updated :D

And here are some things I thought I should mention:
  1. I started school today
  2. I'm majoring in photography
  3. I have 4 art classes, Book of Mormon, English, & Food Preparation in the Home :)
  4. I have 5 roommates: Cassie, Alyssa, Ariel, Alexis, & Hannah
  5. I got my laptop from the Heritage Central Building today
  6. My bishop is my BofM teacher

Yeah, It's Pretty


Hike to the Y

Yesterday there wasn't much to do since it was labor day so Andy, Trevor, Austin, Ariel, and I decided to walk up to the Y. We started at our dorms, so I think that makes it a more "official hike."
Trevor, Andy, Jericho
Trevor, Jericho, Andy
Ariel, Trevor, Jericho, Andy, Austin, Me

The Y

Sorry about the randomness of the pictures. I kinda just pick the pictures I like, and sometimes I like pictures that aren't even that good...
It's raining. Yesterday and today.
Had our first BYU church services and also made our first apartment meal. I took a picture, but that'll have to wait until I get my computer.

Me, Ariel, Cassie, Hannah:

And this is a loaf of lemon bread the bishop's wife made for us. I thought it was way nice of her, and it tasted super good too, so I took a picture:

There was a dance/party last night. Met Andy from wyview. Afterwards Hannah, Jericho, Allen, and I walked him home. I'm quite glad I don't live in wyview.


Still no mac. Went to a football game yesterday. We won. :D