photography and cookies

so right now i am trying not to work because i know i'm not going to get paid for it, but i'm having a really difficult time resisting. so i thought i'd try to write a decent post instead.

yesterday i photographed a family of 25. that is a lot of people.

everyday for lunch at zion ponderosa they serve cookies. most of the time they're way overdone and definitely not soft. but i still eat them. they probably have drugs in them or something, and that's why i still eat them even when they're gross.

and now i've remembered why i never write on this blog. i just am not a writer.

i realized that i start a lot of things out with "so."

so...i need business cards and a website. and money to pay for both. and clients to make both worthwhile. and photo skills to be able to get clients.

the end.

curse of a materialistic world, pt. 1

so today while i was cleaning cabins i saw about four ipods, and it made my thoughts float in the direction of i-really-want-an-ipod. if i had an ipod i would listen to music and books all the time and the boring parts of life wouldn't be so boring. that seems like a pretty good justification for buying one, right? 

or i could just say i have to have one because everyone else has one.

zion and me

so i figure it's about time that i explain what i'm doing this summer. most people who read this already know, so that's why i haven't posted anything so far about my summer.

right now i'm working at zion ponderosa ranch resort. it's right on the east border of zion national park. i'm working as the photographer, but i'm also doing housekeeping because i don't have enough to keep me busy. or so they say. it's a little complicated, but hopefully things will get sorted out soon.

so anyway, if you happen to be staying at zion ponderosa, you should put me to work! i take group pictures and pictures of people having fun doing activities, and i'm supposed to be running around taking random pictures that just might include you.