I made molasses cookies, and they actually turned out really well. I don't know if my oven has problems or if it has something to do with the difference in altitude between Idaho and Utah, but the baking times are always different. Instead of baking the cookies for 11 minutes, I only needed to cook them for 8.5 minutes.


This is my roommate. Yes, she is gorgeous.

I wish this was mine because it's amazing:


I meant to write this a while ago, but I just never got around to it:

A week or two ago I tried the Ciabatta recipe from the book I just bought. It was a fairly time consuming recipe (I even had to start the dough the day before). The end result was good, but not good enough for the work involved. I had the wrong type of yeast, and I don't think I made the substitution completely correctly, so that may be some of the problem.