mom was complaining about me not posting these pictures, 
so i thought i'd better post. 
taken by my mother:


Pica Nagano said...

what the heck tearsa, you are so classy!!!!

Nichole said...

Where ever did you get that super fancy getup! you are totally a stepford wife. except you're not. hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Wow You are not only beautiful but incredible how you can change outfits, hairstyles and expressions. Very very cool!!!!!!
Where do you and your mom find the time to do this? I am always amazed. Love and hugs, Cousin Renee (Bruneau) Colleran

Anonymous said...

The pictures are just great. I loved every one of them.

Your Great Aunt Bernie Bruneau

Anonymous said...

I just loved seeing these pictures! They are awesome! You look lovely and interesting! I do like your Grandmother Parkin's gown - especially the "twirl" factor! It is beautiful!

Who took this last picture? Classy!

Thanks for sharing Grandmother Bruneau

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