photography and cookies

so right now i am trying not to work because i know i'm not going to get paid for it, but i'm having a really difficult time resisting. so i thought i'd try to write a decent post instead.

yesterday i photographed a family of 25. that is a lot of people.

everyday for lunch at zion ponderosa they serve cookies. most of the time they're way overdone and definitely not soft. but i still eat them. they probably have drugs in them or something, and that's why i still eat them even when they're gross.

and now i've remembered why i never write on this blog. i just am not a writer.

i realized that i start a lot of things out with "so."

so...i need business cards and a website. and money to pay for both. and clients to make both worthwhile. and photo skills to be able to get clients.

the end.


Sally said...

ditto, tearsa. ditto.

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