today i was thinking about the photographs that i have taken. if i could only pick a few, which ones would i chose that makes me not only seem like a better photographer than i really am, but also represents the type of photography i want to do in the future? i couldn't/can't decided at all. then i started thinking about food and my food blog. i haven't looked at that blog in forever. i really want to eat some of that food and not the food i've been eating. whenever i look at food pictures (there has to be a better word for that...food photography sounds wrong too) i always think of how much i love photographing food and how i want to do it more, but then when i'm actually photographing food it's like oooahhhhhh this is so hardddd i can't do thisssss why am i doing thissss???? but that was awhile ago, so maybe i should give it a shot again?


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